7 must-have accessories on your boat during the fishing

A planned and well-equipped fishing trip is no easy matter while considering the very real dangers of being in the water, perhaps for a long duration. The purchase of the trolling motor would consider salient features of compatibility, boat size, and the available budget. GO PLUS or CLOUD MOUNTAIN? After adequate market research and consideration of factors like marine battery, power and price, maybe MINN KOTA was the choice. If fishing is a hobby that is going to last really long with frequent trips planned for legal fishing, why not splurge a little bit to get the best equipment and resources? Belonging to a group with like minded interests would pave the way to a world of fascinating and rewarding adventure.

The unpredictable world of machines

At this moment, millions of transport systems like trains and planes, cars and boats are in operation with dedicated manufacturing and maintenance. Yet, machines could suddenly develop snags and fail or malfunction in smaller or bigger ways. While pessimism must be avoided, it is important to be prepared not only mentally but with backups like a spare battery.


  • A smart battery box is essential to house the battery safely.
  • A digital battery meter would enable an understanding of the present status of the battery that should be charged regularly.
  • It would be wise to have on board a depth finder to be certain of the water depth in some remote locations.
  • The ongoing craze for photography and video graphy would require a camera mounting unit so that all the adventures could be recorded and shared across multiple media sites online.
  • A jump starter would help get the battery running if a sudden problem is encountered and the battery does not take off.
  • A trolling motor replacement prop of 2 or 3 blades should be kept handy too if the need arises.
  • Whether fiberglass or aluminum boat, take good care with a keel protector, regular cleaning, a mounted ratcheting tie-down system and a protective set of bumpers.

Other essentials on the boat

Ideally, a first aid kit and a marine radio should be considered essential too, though everybody hopes for the best and things usually work out fine. Avoid outdoor life without either the EPIRB  or PLB. The acronyms mean emergency position indicating radio beacon or personal locator beacon. Be convinced from true stories that things can go wrong and cope with emergencies if need be.

According to the prevailing laws in the area, don’t forget about a valid fishing license that must be carried in the boat and presented when required. Safety comes first and nature offers no warranties! Inflatable life jackets are better and more comfortable than conventional ones, easily stored compactly. Go for the PFDs. A scale to weigh the fish and the bump board to measure the fish! Needle nose pliers and cutters help cut through hooks that sometimes get embedded in the wrong places. Don’t forget about a waterproof folder for documents like licenses and insurance papers. A headlamp will help to challenge the darkness in a tight spot and a phone charger is a must too.

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