Which Size of Battery Do You Need For The Trolling Motor?

Avoid bitter disappointments out fishing amidst the romantic water with the right kind of trolling battery. Novices may have some referring to do and getting at the valid information can sometimes become a problem. Get the facts right and have lots of fun. It is important to remember those car batteries will not do as a trolling battery because they will not keep up with the requirements of the bouncing water surfaces.

The Battery Type, Power, and Price

What is essentially needed is the marine battery or deep cycle battery. By deep cycle batteries, we refer to the , https://www.marinebatteryguides.com/ you can select the best one according to your requirement. Lead Acid Wet Cell is another kind of deep cycle battery and is the least expensive.

According to the power of the fishing trolling motor in terms of pounds of thrust, the battery size and power would be selected. The problem is the availability of adequate space on the boat. The batteries can be rather big and boats are traditionally cramped for lack of space. If three batteries need to be used for a trolling motor with more than a hundred pounds of thrust, consider the space crunch. Lots will need to be put on the boat like the gear besides the body weight of the person.battery

Think about how much the trolling motor would be used. Heavy currents and windy atmospheres out in the water would mean more of the trolling motor battery use. If such is the likely conditions, opt for more vigorous batteries.

The battery reserve capacity

Instead of opting for the ‘cold cranking amps’ for the biggest battery, what matters when out fishing is the battery reserve capacity. Size considerations alone may be misleading like the two Blue top batteries called D34M and 34M that have exactly the same physical measurements! D34M is the one built for deep cycle performance and the rating is 55AH with a 120-minute reserve capacity at 25 amps. On the other hand, the 34M represents 50AH with 100 minutes at 25 amps. It is obvious that the first one makes a better choice.

34M suits the SLI application only

The difference lies in the application. When the battery is intended for starting, lighting, and ignition, they are not meant for deep cycle use over a long duration that a trolling motor essentially needs. 34M would not suit the trolling battery requirements.

27M, D31M, and D34M?

One of these three choices would suit the trolling battery use. According to their design and warranty, they serve both the purposes of starting and deep cycle use that trolling is all about. In terms of appearances too, they are easy to identify with the gray case and blue tops. Which of these three would suit the purpose best?

Vmax trolling motor battery


Consider a few tips:

Take good care of the battery and avoid dropping it, no matter what. If the motor starts late and requires more charging, it indicates that the battery is weakening. Additional facilities like GPS would require more batteries. According to the frequency and length of usage, the battery will gradually exhaust. Keep the battery fully charged at all times for longer life.

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